Bembras Group

Bembras Group

Innovation, Technology, Commitment and Quality.

About us

A brief introduction

The Bembras Group promotes and implements projects in the branches of civil construction, real estate, aviation, telecommunications, information technology and consulting. The company represents several foreign groups, in addition to being a distributor of Airbus Defense & Space, Safran and many others in Brazil.


  • Mission -To serve with excellence the needs of each client.
  • Vision -To be a pioneer in progress and technological innovation in Brazil.
  • Beliefs -Simplicity, innovation and transparency.


Our Peformed Activities

Our duty is to offer quality services, meeting the deadlines, satisfying our customers and ensuring a sustainable growth, solid and steady, keeping the company on the market and seeking constant improvement.

Construction & Real State

We operate in the field of construction and real estate since 1998. Attending the public and private sectors

Airbus Defence & Space VAR

The Group Bembras is also a distributor of the Airbus defense & Space in Brazil.


We represent several international groups in Brazil.


The Bembras Group acts in the agribusiness industry innovating in the field of precision agriculture.

Our Partners


The Bembras Group promotes and implements projects through its companies with experience in the construction industry, real estate development, information technology, telecommunications,aviation, security and precision agriculture.

Awards and Honors